So long and thanks for all the likes and listens. SPRT closed on 15 December 2016
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The Self-Publishing Roundtable (SPRT) was a podcast and blog

run by indie writers for indie writers.


Every Thursday Night we used to stream an interview or discussion live on YouTube, and this website.
For those who like to read words, we (or a guest) sometimes blogged on Wednesdays.

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Most Recent Podcasts and Blog Posts

SPRT #169 – Writing Amidst the Apocalypse


Unfortunately Bob Mayer was unable to make it this week but we will be rescheduling with him. In the meantime…

The US election results are in, and just in time for NaNoWriMo!

Join us as we talk about how we’re dealing with our writing when all it seems everyone wants to talk about is politics. Does this political controversy bring out a myriad of post-apocalyptic ideas for your next dystopian novel? Or do you find yourself too lost in the aftermath too find the words to even express yourself?

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SPRT #168 – How to write clean and wholesome romance with Susan C Daffron


Earlier in the year Amazon created a new romance category called: Clean and Wholesome. This was great news for authors of fade-to-black romances as Inspirational Romance was not working for them and they were being overwhelmed in Contemporary Romance genres. This new category helps readers who want the romance and emotion without details of intimate bedroom–kitchen / car / outdoor  / etc–gymnastics to find exactly what they’re looking for. It also means those who do want the details won’t accidentally buy a book without it. But what exactly is this new category and how does one write in it? We asked contemporary romantic comedy author Susan C. Daffron to come on the show and answer our questions.

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How to make your ebook free on Amazon

How to make your ebook free on Amazon

How do you make your ebook free at Amazon?

This is something we get asked every month when we run one of our multi-author cross promotions. So, instead of answering it every time, we thought we’d blog about it. We all know that Amazon won’t let you just make your ebook free, not like at other online retailers, but there are two ways you can make your ebook free at Amazon. Which option you take depends on if you’re in KDP Select or wide. So, here goes…

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