Thank you to all of our listeners, viewers and guests. You have made this podcast truly memorable. We hope you learned something from SPRT and enjoyed yourself along the way. We certainly did!


Three podcasts shall rise from SPRT’s ashes…

Chrishaun Keller-Hanna presents Mind da Gap, a podcast where we talk to freshman writers that are working hard to make their work as good as their ambitions. We will talk about the creatives that inspired, their trials in creating and the pitfalls and successes they didn’t see coming. We take the craft seriously, but never ourselves, so I look forward to y’all joining us at

Erica Conroy and Xavier Granville will launch Publishing Without Supervision on Monday 2 January 2017. Erica and X have decided to start their publishing journeys again by writing in new genres. They have decided to candidly share their journey, right from idea through to launch and marketing. They’ll do this by going back to basics and interview guests–ones who know their shit–while keeping the audience up-to-date on their exploits. As an added bonus at the end of each month Zoe York will join them to roundtable the latest industry news!

Robert Chazz Chute is launching a new book about stress management. It’s called Do The Thing! The All That Chazz podcast, launching in the second week of January, will work through the book with listeners. The focus is doing better while having fun. Look for him at