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SPRT #165 – How to write good crime fiction with Rosanne Dingli

Crime fiction is not merely about crimes and their detection, or criminals and their motives. This genre is about readers’ fascination with human wrong-doing, what causes it, and how it is solved. Readers are beguiled by criminal intent and the aims to subvert it. They want to read about compelling characters (both perpetrators and the crime-fighters), find out why they do it, how they think and also about their private lives. We wanted to find out how the genre works and how to write it effectively so, we invited crime fiction author Rosanne Dingli to answer our questions Join us live on Thursday @ 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT read more

SPRT #164 – Launching a series with Lindsay Buroker

In October 2014 Lindsay Buroker dipped her toe into science fiction romance under the pen name Ruby Lionsdrake before returning to her name to publish an eight novel science fiction series. So far she has an impressive 10 series under her belt but what is even more interesting is that each time she launches something new her audience expands in leaps and bounds. So, of course we wanted her (back) on the show to pick her brain about her latest series, Fallen Empire. Audio available for download or watch on youtube 😀 read more

SPRT #163 – Roundup of Indie Publishing News and Stuff – 6 October 2016

Welcome to the Roundtable Roundup, our monthly podcast (first Thursday of the month) where we invite a guest or two to join us live to discuss the previous month's news and views from the self-publishing and indie industry. We were joined by Supernatural Thriller and Post-Apoc author, John L. Monk and discussed: - Amazon bans incentivised reviews - KU page reads missing - Harlequin Lawsuit finally sorted - Ellora’s Cave is closing, but... Audio available for download or watch on youtube 😀 read more

SPRT #161 – Forming Good Habits and Banishing Negative thoughts as a Writer

Steve Scott and Barrie Davenport from the Authority Self-Publishing podcast join us this week to help us form good habits and banish those pesky and soul-destroying negative thoughts that we sometimes–often–have as writers. We hope that they can teach us how to declutter our minds of the evil phunk so we can fill it up with what's important and more helpful to us as indie authors and publishers. Audio available for download or watch on youtube 😀 read more

SPRT #160 – Let’s talk Superheroes with author Lucas Flint

Audio available for download or watch on youtube 😀 Lucas Flint does not exist. Well, not really. He's the pen name of author Timothy L. Cerepaka. By day Timothy writes fantasy novels but at night his alter-ego writes and publishes Young Adult Superhero fiction. Why did Timothy decide to take on an alias? What inspired him to write superheroes and why YA? Is the combination a market worth writing in? We found out all that and more on this episode! read more

SPRT #159 – Justin Sloan: video game writer, novelist and screenwriter

Audio available for download or watch on youtube 😀 Justin Sloan's writing credits are a little eclectic. He's written video games including Game of Thrones and Minecraft. He also writes children's fantasy and supernatural stories as well as military fantasy. Then there's the screenplay he wrote that one time. And last, but by no means least, the non fiction series on creative writing–a number of them with an emphasis on military veterans breaking into the creative industries. Obviously the man has a lot to talk about and we're going to pick that large brain of his on the podcast. read more

SPRT #158 – Roundup of Indie Publishing News and Stuff – 1 September 2016

Welcome to the Roundtable Roundup, our monthly podcast (first Thursday of the month) where we invite a guest or two to join us live to discuss the previous month's news and views from the self-publishing and indie industry. Romance author Zoe York joined us tonight to discuss: - Penguin Random House still claiming that subscription services are hurting authors - Joanna Penn's strategy for getting on a bestseller list - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies author taken to court by Hachette read more

SPRT #157 – Jasmine Walt did it! Her Multi-Author Boxed set made the USAT and NYT Lists and here’s how…

Audio available for download or watch on youtube 🙂 It was 30th June when we last talked with New Adult and Fantasy author Jasmine Walt. She told us she was gunning for both the New York Times and the USA Today's Bestsellers lists and... she did! Her and several other authors in the multi-author boxed set she put together–and then Shadow Born made it on there too!. So of course we asked her to come back on the show and share how. From approaching other authors to bundling them together and setting up a pre-order, right through to finding out the good news. Not too shabby for an author whose first book was published on Christmas Eve 2015, huh? read more

SPRT #156 – From trucker to bestselling novelist in two years – Wayne Stinnett

Audio available for download or watch on youtube 🙂 Once upon a time a hard-working trucker picked up a pen and started his writing journey. That trucker was Wayne Stinnett and now two years later, he's become a bestselling author of several action adventure novels. He's also recently released a non fiction book Blue Collar to No Collar: From Trucker to Bestselling Novelist in Two Years (Self Publishing as a Business Book 1) to share his story and how you too can do it! read more

SPRT #155 – Let’s talk about writing gay romance with Rosa Swann

Audio available for download or watch on youtube 🙂 Everyone knows that romance is the most popular genre. What some might not realise is that gay romance has quite a fanatical audience as well. How fanatical? Well, we decided to find that out, along with what the audiences' expectations are and is it as simple as replacing the female in the love story with another guy? So we asked Rosa Swann, author and co-author of many gay paranormal romances, to join us this week and she answered these questions and more! read more

SPRT #154 – Impromptu roundtable of indie publishing stuff

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties and link confusion our guest was unable to join us this week. Instead the SPRT gang covered beautifully by having a discussion about indie publishing stuff. Our apologies for not having the expected guest but huge thumbs up to Wade, Robert and Chrishaun for saving the day 🙂 read more

SPRT #153 – Romance Writers of America Conference 2016 with Zoe York

Audio available for download or watch on youtube 🙂 Every year the Romance Writers of America hold a big national conference. Romance writers of all flavours flock to the conference to mingle with their peers, participate in workshops, listen to speakers and panels and–apparently–drink margaritas 😛 Zoe York was not a member of the RWA when she attended–she is now though–earlier in the month but she traveled from Canada to the conference to take part–and drink said margaritas. She reported back on her first RWA conference, what she thought of it, what tasty morsels of information she gleaned, the two workshops she ran and more! read more

SPRT #152 – Tough Guy Urban Fantasy with Domino Finn

Probably the most well-known male Urban Fantasy hero is Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden–an unwilling hero in a contemporary urban setting with a lot of supernatural elements. Think John McClane (from Die Hard) but wielding magical powers instead of a conventional weapon. Sadly, we were not able to interview Jim Butcher (he's not indie) but we did have the next best thing! Domino Finn, author of the Black Magic Outlaw and Sycamore Moons series talked with us about Urban Fantasy, its tropes and how to write the tough guy protagonist–without making him an asshole. read more

SPRT #151 – The Miracle Morning for Writers with Hal Elrod, Steve Scott and Honorée Corder

Remember when we interviewed Honorée Corder? Well she's coming back and this time she's bringing Hal Elrod and Steve Scott with her. Together they'll be talking to us about their recently released non fiction book, The Miracle Morning for Writers: How to Build a Writing Ritual That Increases Your Impact and Your Income (Before 8AM). It combines Hal Elrod's global phenomenon with Steve Scott's writing habit techniques (which helped him get on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list). You'll learn how to take charge of your morning and maximize "the rest of the day" for your writing efforts. read more

SPRT #150 – New Adult Fantasy with Jasmine Walt

Audio available for download or watch on youtube 🙂 New Adult is a genre that only emerged within the last few years. It's a genre where the protagonists and targeted audience are college-aged and, like Young Adult, is being crossed with many other genres. Jasmine Walt is a new author who writes Fantasy married with New Adult and doing extremely well at it! She's currently ranked within the top 100 authors in Sci-Fi & Fantasy and Fantasy on Amazon. Did I mention she's a new author? read more

SPRT #149 – Super popular romance author Chance Carter reveals all!

Audio available as well as Youtube recording. We were surprised at how much of an introvert our guest was. He's very down to earth, with a practical and motivated mind when it comes to making money in publishing. There's no doubt that romance is the most popular genre. The readers are voracious and will follow their favourite authors with a passion. Quite a number of those readers are currently enamoured with Chance Carter. A man writing Bad Boy Romances for women. While male romance authors aren't unusual, they're more likely to write under a female pen name. But not Chance, he's flaunting his gender on social media and the fans love it. How much do they love it? Well, a recent release netted him 400 reviews in a week! So of course we invited him on to find out how he does it. read more