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Most Recent Podcasts and Blog Posts

Weekly Round up of Indie Publishing News and Stuff – 7 February 2016


Patrick Stemp from the To Be Read podcast and Chrishaun Keller joined Erica for this week’s Roundtable Round Up. They discussed the below news items:

– Amazon announces KENPC 2.0
– New York Times Best-Seller List ignores authors 20k+ book sales
– Young Adult finally recognised
– Google’s new “Digital Book” may be digital, but is it a book?
– Steam has an interactive story called Emily is Away

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SPRT #129- Abundant Writing with Honoree Corder


This week we were joined by Honoree Corder. She specializes in changing the mindset of the struggling artist. Her daily practices and routines put writers on the right track to produce on a continuous basis. Her book Prosperity for Writers and the companion Prosperity for Writers Productivity Journal will push you towards abundance for your writing career.

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Writing Journey Wednesday with Wade

Well, there it goes. Turn, wave and smile at the beauty that slipped through your grasp. It was meant to be grand affair. A new relationship with your writer self and what you are to become. Of course, I’m referring to January. The month where you get to start over and make everything right. Did it happen for you? For me?

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