How not to handle reviews you do not agree with!

An author didn’t like a review that was posted by an 18 year old so he tracked her down and bottled her! While this awful attack happened last year, it is only now just going to trial.

Even the larger names in Indie Publishing get hit by the ‘Zon

H.M. Ward has reported that four of her titles in her The Arrangement series have been taken down by Amazon. They don’t think she is who she says she is, even though another part of Amazon does…,226272.0.html

Kindle Unlimited…

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with KU in the next few months. Here’s the payout per page since KU2.0 was implemented.

July – 0.00580

August – 0.00514

September – 0.00507

October – 0.004809


Post in FB groups? Beware the wrath of FB.,225853.0.html

Orbit Books will publish 90 books a year, starting 2016.

22 times the dedication page was the best part of the book 🙂


Want to make your own covers?

Then before you start screwing around in PhotoShop or whatever, it’s a good idea to find out what a good design looks like and the theory behind making one yourself. Educate yourself and save your precious, precious time…


Need maps? Visit Ren on Fiverr, they are truly works of art!

For people who love to plot and scheme and beat their books 😛

Translate British slang into American and vice versa 😛