Cover image for Prosperity for WritersHonoree Corder provides straightforward advice about overcoming the obstacles holding back writers from achieving financial and personal freedom in her book Prosperity for Writers. It is a self-help book that can apply to not only writers, but also any general business endeavor. Overall, the book is well written with enough practical steps that can be implemented right away. I enjoyed how Honoree examines limiting beliefs about making a living in the arts, and encourages writers to look at their hang-ups about money, limitations, and comparing to others. She writes in a casual style while discussing her personal journey. The book uses multiple acronyms to wrap pieces of important information for easy store in memory. There is a companion workbook for purchase, however you can complete the action plan with a simple journal. I felt there were times when the message became a little preachy and redundant. “If you believe, it will come true” is embedded throughout the manuscript. However, the message delivers motivation and got me to take action.

Honoree’s main focus is developing a Personal Prosperity Plan to give a roadmap for success. She jumpstarts that plan with short-term massive action and suggests, “What gets measured, gets attention.” I used the tools given in the book to lay out my own plan. I was surprised how often I questioned my beliefs after following the steps. Honoree made me take a honest look at my perceptions for a writing career, and for that I’m grateful.

What keeps you from embracing a writing career? Do you constantly worry about money and tell yourself making a living from writing is a pipe dream? Perception is reality, and Prosperity For Writers challenges that perception to unlock your writing career path. Honoree Corder guides you in changing beliefs that hold you in the starving artist mode, and shares insights from top authors to illustrate the possibilities. Prosperity for Writers is a quick read and I will reread for the encouragement it provides. This books leads to a new truth, which is writers can make a comfortable living and have the writing life they desire. If you are looking for inspiration and permission to have the writing career you want, then Prosperity for Writers fills that need.