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Author Zoe York returned! She joined Chrishuan Keller Hanna and Erica Conroy to discuss the below topics:

Ellora’s Cave are at it again…

Romance publisher Ellora’s Cave was back in the spotlight again when it was reported that they had made threats against Romance Writers of America.

RWA received an email from Ellora’s Cave’s attorney, where he states that: any premature comment by RWA that Ellora’s Cave is in breach of their agreements is reckless, false and Defamatory.

And he asserts that: Ellora’s Cave is paying authors

And that: “any false comments by RWA to harm his client’s reputation will be dealt with in a forceful manner.

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Trad published authors are afraid we’re devaluing their beautiful books!

Porter Anderson posted an opinion piece titled: Books’ Prices and Writing’s Value: Careful What We Asked For?

That basically comes down to the indie practice of pricing ebooks low or free is not only devaluing the work (or art) of the author but is also creating the expectation of free from readers. And because of this, the books of those who spend years writing and creating responsibly are being overlooked by readers.

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Bookbub Ads coming soon

Bookbub recently announced that they will be introducing a new service to promote any book at any time. Full-priced, discounted, audio, short story, multi-author boxed set–anything as long as it adheres to Bookbub’s policies.

It will run on an auction model similar to Facebook advertising, with a budget that you set and also allows for reader targeting.

If you’re interested you can sign up to be one of the first to access their new advertising platform.

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Another trad pub acquires self-pub company

We briefly discussed why MacMillan Publishers may have bought self-publishing company Pronoun (formerly Vook).

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Then this from Zoe…

After that Zoe shared her recent experiences using Facebook Live for a live unboxing of the paperback edition of her upcoming release Prime Minister.



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