In what may be the biggest, most exciting story in self-publishing all year…

Google just entered the game, in a BIG WAY!

Google Play Store has a new & improved publishing platform, and damn it looks awesome.

It looks simple to use. It appears super customisable. It’s THE biggest app store right now, recently surpassing the Apple App Store in app numbers. That market is growing bigger every minute.

While there are some concerns out there about historical moves with Google and book sales, looking at the big picture would suggest they are looking to build something for the future.

If they get behind this, like it appears they are, then who knows how big it could get.

This really is a huge and amazing move by Google, in my opinion. I was just talking about how badly they needed to do this a couple of weeks ago, now they have.

Game on!

We will be all over this as more comes out, but check it out for yourselves.

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