Hi everyone, Adam here. Sorry for the late post on this (and for the lack of show on Thursday), but there was some internal revelations early in the week that threw us a curve ball.

On Tuesday, Trish McCallan informed us that she would be stepping down from the show. I will not go into extreme detail on why, but I will say that it had nothing to do with the show itself, its content, its direction, or the people involved. This was a decision based on what is best for her, and is very understandable. Without the responsibility of the show, Trish is planning to have a very productive 2015!

Lindsay and I then needed to discuss what we should do. Trish was the last original host of SPRT, and as such it felt odd to continue on without her (or any of the old cast). We both love the show and had a lot of fun on it (and I for one was starting to become more comfortable as a ‘permanent’ guest host!), but leading a show that didn’t feel like ‘ours’ didn’t feel right. As such, she and I will be starting a new podcast. I will not post the link to the website or information here as that would be disrespectful to the SPRT show. If you are interested in learning more about that show you can feel free to e-mail me ( adam {at} adampoe {dot} com ) or search around. I’m sure you can find it.

Carl, Trish, and the original gang did an awesome job building this show and community. I am sure that it will continue in some capacity at some point, but I have no further news to share on that front currently.

I want to thank Trish and Carl for allowing me to co-host for a few months. It was a lot of fun and in that short time I made several new friends. I also want to give a big thanks for the viewers who welcomed Lindsay and I in as new hosts and continued to watch/listen. I hope to stay connected with you all via the comments when/if the show is revived again.