Chrishaun Keller Hanna has volunteered to write a series of guest blog posts about self publishing and writing for us. Here’s the first instalment!


Hello all, Chrishaun here:

I was asked by the folks at SPRT to write some articles on getting your head in gear build an author career. I’m opening this blog series with an introduction and an invitation.

I’m an author and I want you be an author as well. (This is the part when I open with how I have been writing since I was a teen and then follow up with my education and experience in writing and publishing…which I have.) But my past experience is not important and neither is yours.

The important thing to know about me is that I write everyday. Some days, like today, I struggle with the words…the words just won’t come out. Other days the words flow smoothly one into another to produce crappy first drafts that get cleaned up and sent to an editor.

I work with illustrators and graphic artists and I am posed to release my first indie published book in February, with future releases coming out every two months afterwards. I put in a lot of work. I’m kinda overwhelmed and excited. And I want you the same for you.

The you that wants to have a writing career and but keep telling yourself that you’re too old (I’m starting this at 43), that the “Amazon Gold Rush” is over and that you missed your chance (the first part is true but the second part was far from true). The you that thinks that you can become an author is foolish. It isn’t foolish, it’s huge undertaking that’s overwhelming and highly rewarding in turns. You will need help and advice, encouragement and a community that provides that for you. That’s what we’re here for.

And we say: You can be a author.

This is a time that you can make a viable – even prosperous- living as an author. The digital market has opened up to the stories that was never given a mainstream market. Your stories. It will demand your focus, your passion and your hard work (if it was easy, you wouldn’t be afraid, would you?)

You’re ready and you have full permission to take some time to get used to the idea of building a writing career, turn the lights on in your universe, and hone your skills.  

This is a permanent invitation to place your butt in chair and do the work.

You can do the work. You are the CEO of your very own publishing startup.

It is now your job (part time if you have a full time gig or full time if you need it to be) to sit down plot out your books (even pantsers to that a little), write them, clean them up, have them edited, get a great cover, format them, publish them and then write another book.

Your book. Welcome.