PubMatch is a site that was formed as a partnership between Publishers Weekly and The Combined Book Exhibit Family of Companies. The site allows authors to upload their books to a repository where they can be reviewed by editors, agents and publishers.

logo-pubmatchThe appeal of PubMatch is that it creates an environment where authors can have their books considered by publishers without having to go through an agent. The thinking is that there are times when a deal may be too small for an agent, but still represent a nice source of income for the individual author. Obviously, if you decide to use the service and are offered a deal, you would be best served by procuring the services of either an agent or a contract attorney. Don’t sign contracts unless you fully understand them

The company offers two different plans. It’s true that the free account will serve the needs of most people; they do offer a special plan for authors who are as prolific as David Wright. The free plan will suit the needs of most authors. The free account limits the number of titles that you are able to upload to 100. The paid account (79.99 per year) increases that number to 5000 titles. It also allows you to have up to five sub-accounts for staff members and it allows you to create a rights catalog for your books.

Would you use a service like this?  I’m particularly interested if you would not use PubMatch. Why? Tell us in the comments below.