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Robert Chazz Chute, Chrishaun Keller-Hanna and Erica Conroy to discuss the below topics:

Data Guy presents insane Romance data at the RWA conference

We’re going to throw some numbers at you so we’ll put these in the show notes. According to the Author Earnings Report, Romance is not only a huge seller, its popularity and sales are grossly underreported. For instance, 89% of all Romance sales are digital and more than 50% are self-published. Meanwhile more than 67% of all US Romance sales are not tracked by any traditional industry metric. Furthermore, when we say about 75% of paid ebook sales happen on, we’re mainly talking about Romance sales. The biggest news may be that Romance titles in Kindle Unlimited earn on average 2.5x as much as those not in KU! Authors will fewer titles go all-in with KU while authors with more titles mix it up with more sales platforms. Holy shit! Should we all be writing Romance?

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Canadian author committed to the traditional route makes Robert sad 🙁

As reported in the Globe & Mail, a Canadian author is on the road every weekend trying to sell books in every indigo Chapters he can get into. A former engineer, Douglas Gardham is living off savings while he tries to sell literary fiction by hand. His dream is to make a living as a full-time author and he thinks the way to get there is to get a contract with a traditional publisher.

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Harlequin’s reading app could be a game changer!

Next is something really interesting that Harlequin is doing. They’ve launched a new serialised ebook app for Android and ios, called Book Breaks. Hundreds of stories are already available on the app with new chapters being added daily or weekly. It’ll let you narrow down what kind of romance you’re looking for and notify you when the next chapter is up. Oh, and it’s all free!

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