We announced a couple of changes today. We won’t be discussing SPP or STP during the show any longer, unless we think their show was really news worthy. We will instead be focussing the indie publishing news, and how it affects you, the indie author.

We also added a new member to our crew, someone most of you should be very familiar with, David W Wright.

Dave is part of the Self Publishing Podcast, as well as being a prolific and successful indie author.

So on the new format we discussed several articles this week, in between a lot of technical glitches.

A self published author who turned down an Amazon deal.

Hugh Howie’s new way to share his books with his fans.

Wattpad doing a ‘Kickstarter’-like program for writers.

Random House has launched a “choose your own adventure” game/book online.

Brick and mortar stores are beating Amazon’s prices. Overstock.com has declared a price war on Amazon regarding the pricing of books.

Smashwords enables pre-orders.

Kobo hires Diego Marano to be a Writing Life Editor. John reached out to Mark LeFebreve for more details. Diego has a history of being an acquisitions editor. His hire could mean that Kobo is considering some type of curated offering such as Kindle Singles. (He is doing the same job as Mark but in Europe)

We didn’t get to a couple of articles, but if you’d like to read them here they are:

DRM issues when crossing borders with your ebooks.

Related: When content providers allow legal streaming of their content, piracy goes down and profits rise. Imagine that!

An article about how healthcare law changes in the US will affect freelance writers (and everyone)