Welcome back to yet another edition of the Self-Publishing Roundtable, the weekly netcast that tells you the news happening in self-publishing, plus a whole heap of other things that you don’t need to know, but we are going to talk about them anyway.

The show will be live, as usual, at 7pm PST / 10 pm Eastern.

Below is a taste of the stories that we will be ripping apart with our critical minds, and legendary wit.

Self-Publishing Grows Again – Bill Dowis will tell you all about how self-publishing is not slowing down, in fact, it’s still growing.

Indies Fueling Trad Publishing? – Mr Dowis, doubling his overall contribution to the show ; ) has another story for you. The content is hinted heavily in the title.

This Guy Has a Nerve! – Dr Jim Taylor find a way to annoy indie authors with his comments, well, so far just Bill Dowis, but it’s worth talking about just to see how Dave responds.

Virtual Book Clubs – John tells us that Google has patented Virtual Book Clubs. I think this is a subtle hint he wants to talk more about Oprah, or maybe even be in her book club. Either way, Google continue to put pieces in place. Planning their run at Amazon’s marketing share?

Konrath Sales Numbers – Joe shared his sale numbers. Dave wants to discuss them with you all. Interestingly, after sharing the numbers, hundreds of indie authors started drinking heavily. Dr Hans Uberass may have been on to something.

Narcissism Breeds Belief – Crissy posted this one, but as you know, she wont be there this week. I’m sure she had an interesting view on the story. We instead will use it to make the usual Garrett Robinson jokes. Maybe even a Johnny B. Truant one, if we are feeling silly.

Future of Storytelling – This group of highly qualified story experts, are running an online course. So far, totally for free. It has been getting around 2000 sign ups a day. I’m in. I’m not sure what I will get out of it yet, but you may as well sign up before it closes in a few days. Looks pretty interesting.

Wool Goes East – Post and video from Hugh Howey, because I felt it was time we started giving him more air time. He shows off the japanese edition of Wool, which looks pretty cool. I’ll also talk about the graphic novel, which is actually really awesome. That’s published via Amazon’s new imprint. The sample is worth a look.

I’m sure we will have plenty more to discuss, so come back and see us at 7PM PST /10PM Eastern for your news fix.