We are back for episode 23 after the thanksgiving break. We hope you enjoyed your holiday, and are ready for another hour packed full of indie publishing news discussion.

We are finally joined by our new co-host, Trish McCallan this week. We will introduce her on the show, but we are very excited to have her on board.

This weeks show is hosted for the first time by Wade Finnegan. The news stories follow.

Let’s argue about genre one more time. Should you stick to one genre or can you build a career by switching based off of your whim?

Amazon launches traditional imprint devoted to short form fiction. It’s called StoryFront.

Record Holiday Sales for Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Amazon reveals that 25% of all weekly Kindle sales are from self-published authors. There are rumors that at least 10% of those sales can be attributed to titles on which David Wright has worked.

Google Play gives big play to Romance/Eroitca authors.

Complaining is not a strategy. You’ve got to read this article where Charlie Rose interviews Jeff Bezos.

Kobo talks about the self-publishing take down.

Amazon is changing the EFT Threshold.

New online retailer for authors. Get paid via PayPal.

We hope you will join us all tomorrow night live.