Welcome to the Roundtable Roundup, our monthly podcast (first Thursday of the month) where we invite a guest or two to join us live to discuss the previous month’s news and views from the self-publishing and indie industry.

We were joined by Supernatural Thriller and Post-Apoc author, John L. Monk.

John L. Monk, Chrishaun K. Hanna, Robert C. Chute and Erica M. Conroy to discuss the below topics:

Amazon bans incentivised reviews

Amazon has rolled out new rules regarding product reviews across the entirity of it’s stores. From now on sellers aren’t to send out their products to people to review and rate, they will have to approach Amazon to access their Vine reviewers, which will no doubt come at a price. Amazon have made a point of stating:

The changes will apply to product categories other than books. We will continue to allow the age-old practice of providing advance review copies of books.

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KU page reads missing

A number of authors in Kindle Select have noticed–and reported–significant decrease to their page reads on ebooks published or have had their metadata altered since 5 September. Some have seen 0 page reads while others have seen a decrease of between 50 – 95% of typical page reads. For awhile Amazon’s customer service were saying page reads were accurate, however, they recently posted on the KDP Community:

Announcement: Update on KENPC Inquiries
“We’ve recently received a number of contacts regarding KENPC counts and have been investigating each case to make sure our KENPC reporting is timely and accurate. We regularly monitor pages-read systems for accuracy and to ensure we are recording all legitimate reading activity, including a month-end audit. In the past week, we uncovered one timing-based reporting issue affecting less than 0.2% of pages read which we fixed on 9/28. We are also now in the process of completing our September month-end audit.”

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Harlequin Lawsuit finally sorted


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Ellora’s Cave is closing, but…

Rights will revert, however, there is a catch. There are 6 things the author has to agree to first and one is to waive their outstanding royalties. Also, there is a possibility that if EC files bankruptcy within 6 months those rights will be sold off and go to the new company / person, even if they have been “reverted” to the author.

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