Amazon Pre-order ruins Christmas!

A 19 book Christmas bundle was recently released and approximately 8100 pre-orders were released with the draft file instead of the final file. You can guess what happened: one star reviews everywhere, which has led to pre-paid advertisers rescinding advertising and refusing to refund. A lot of money has been lost and authors reputations ruined as a result.


Marie Force celebrates 5 years as a self-publisher

On this day five years ago, I did something that changed my life profoundly. It changed the lives of my family as well as several of my closest friends and family members. Five years ago today, I self-published a book for the first time.



Alan Moore says Self-Publish your books.

10th Annual International Short Story Challenge.

Promotional opportunity for Sci fi / fantasy / horror novels (must be 99c promo) – closes 26 November.,225495.0.html



How to get more book reviews

We all know how important it is to get reviews for your book. Here one author shares what he does to achieve this. From squeezing more from his mailing list to improving engagement in your back matter.  He also provides samples of emails that he sends to reviewers.,226563.msg3161588.html#msg3161588



Set a goal and then a strategy and let Pacemaker calculate a writing schedule so you’ll meet that goal.  Has cool graphs for tracking!

Amazon launches Storywriting, a free screenwriting tool kept in the cloud.

Author’s Republic is Smashwords for audiobooks (but with a pretty website). They’ll distribute your audiobook everywhere.