daveinatreesmall224This week we welcome back our friend and past SPRT host David W. Wright.

Together with writing partner Sean Platt, David has co-authored many acclaimed titles including Yesterday’s Gone and Crash. A propensity for the dark side of humanity, David pens stories that make you question if there is a reason to live, and his writing strangles readers by the throat before they know what grabbed them.

David is also the third leg of the Sterling and Stone writing studio and co-host of the groundbreaking Self-Publishing Podcast. What he lacks in enthusiasm he makes up in genuine candor about his writing journey and current trends in the industry.

David agreed to come on the show to discuss writing dark characters, why people like being scared, and how to connect with your audience. We will also discuss his latest project, “12” and where his writing ideas spew from.

Make sure you join us Thursday at 7 PST/ 10 EST and David might answer your questions live on air.



Cover for Yesterday's Gone Cover for Crash