Hey there SPRTers!  I’m really excited about this week because I–I mean we–get to talk to Mat Morris again.  I love this guy…and he has a new adventure!  I’ll let him tell you more about his new podcast on Thursday when we air, but it’s really good and is doing really well.


We’ll be joined by the lovely Nancy Elliott, his co-host.  I love this girl!  We’re going to discuss the importance of having mentors with Mat and Nancy, how it can spur us on right when we need it sometimes.  We’re all really looking forward to this show because Mat is always full of good info and a blast to talk to.  See you in a few days!  I hope everyone had a great holiday and is having a productive week.  Don’t forget to get your words in (what I’ll be doing right after I finish this post so Wade doesn’t pester me about it anymore!).