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Ebook Lovers rejoice

Just in time for the holidays Amazon has a new Kindle bundle especially for eBook readers. The Kindle Fire HD 8 is full-service tablet with features targeted to make a better reading expierence. It’s Blue Shade feature makes reading at night easier and each unit comes with a leather case that looks and feels like a print book. Also, each purchase comes with a year subscription of Kindle Unlimited. Amazon continues to push the kindle envelope and the more e-readers get into consumer hands the better opportunity for our books to be discovered.

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Flipkart concedes e-books to Kobo

E-commerce is flying high in India. India’s reading market is large too, but is lagging in digital sales due to pricing and lack of credit card processing. Paperbacks remain easier for the public to obtain and the lack of infrastructure resulting in low data speeds makes e-book reading problematic. However, authors playing the long game may see great upside potential in the 2nd highest population of the world. Amazon is the major stakeholder in the country, but Kobo’s insurgence just might help indies get a better foothold in this market.

Speaking of going global

Smashwords just announced new partnerships to help with their e-book distribution. The company has added Odilo, Tolino, and Yuzu. Odilo will help with their South America and Europe presence, while Tolino expands the strong German market. Lastly, Yuzu breaches the higher education realm with a digital education platform and retailer operated by Barnes & Noble College.


Kindle Unlimited KENP rate holds steady

Saving up for those extra holiday purchases.

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