I’m so excited for this show, guys.  I get to pick Mat’s brain every week, and I’m happy to report….he appears to LOVE a good question overload.  He can talk endlessly about the business side of being a writer, and has helped me tremendously to find the times where I’m putting effort into the wrong places.

Though we first connected through another author platform, I first heard about Mat through Erica Conroy, who told me about his 50K words in a Day projects.  He really does do it, folks.  An entire novel in one day.  So I DON’T want to hear any whining about how difficult it is to get the words in.  (I’m talking to myself here, today, as I sit on the couch listening to a sick five-year-old talk loudly about his favourite train cartoon while he’s home sick from school.)  Your writing may be messy and ill-formed due to distractions, but it CAN get written.

You can find Mat here, where he’s just made quite the announcement for people who follow him regularly.