Carl Sinclair is not able to participate in tonight’s hangout. In his absence, John Ward will be playing the part of host for tonight’s show. Viewers are encouraged to post their conspiracy theories and explanations with the real reason for Carl’s absence as a comment on this post.

We have some good topics lined up and hopefully we’ll have some good back and forth during the show.

I am not as talented at multi-tasking as Carl (remember to leave a comment detailing your theory regarding his absence); so, instead of posting links to the stories during the show, the way Carl does, I’m sharing them all with you now.

Here are the stories we’ll cover tonight:

1. J. A. Konrath‘s Serialization Experience:

The relevant portion is at the bottom of this post where he speaks about releasing a serialized book with his son.

2. Somebody Call Edward Robertson. Stat!

Amazon Data Chart:

This is a great chart compiled by Bruce Rousseau. It collects price point, publishing entity (traditional publisher, small press, or self-published), number of pages and sales rank. Then, it breaks this information out by genre. If you’re into data mining, you’ll really enjoy this chart.

3. Nathan Lowell‘s Advertising Experiment:

Nathan Lowell, author of the Solar Clipper series, recently ran his very first ad for the series. It’s about time, since he is getting ready release the sixth book in the series. He has done a great job documenting his sales rank for each book before the ads ran, explaining his goals for the ad buy, and providing some thoughts on his results.

4. Howey does HuffPo:

Hugh Howey writes a great article that looks into the question of exactly what motivates him to be a writer. What motivates you?

5. Franzen’s Apocalyptic Visions:

Lots of fun stuff here. I need to save it for the show though.

6. Howey‘s 10 Tips for Indies:

Ever see those End User License Agreements that you have to accept before they let you do anything online? When an author signs up for a social networking site, they should make him go read this article and agree to abide by the terms set forth in this article.

7. Franzen vs. Howey: Compare and Contrast: This segment will consist of our half-formed opinions and whatever nonsense we’re able to come up with on the spot.