Where in the World Is Carl Sandiego?

There was hope. For a few days it appeared that Carl had managed to escape. There were rumors that he would be able to find his way to a haven and lay claim to a life of freedom once more. Unfortunately, at this late hour, it seems that those hopes have been dashed.

Last week, there was some concern that Carl may have been apprehended by law enforcement personnel due to some infraction. Dear viewers, you may set your minds at ease. We can confirm that Carl is not in police custody.

At this time, David Wright continues to decline our requests for information regarding exactly when he may or may not have last seen Carl Sinclair.

It appears that Carl will not be able to participate in tonight’s hangout. So, once more the audience will be made to endure John Ward hosting the show, once more.

Tonight’s Stories:

Pricing Deadzones

Mark Lefebvre, of Kobo, is quoted in a Publisher’s Weekly article. In the article he talks about how difficult it is to sell books that are priced at 1.99. During the program, we’ll talk about personal experiences at different price points and anecdotal stories referenced at our convenience to help buttress our points.

Traditional Publishers Need Authors

There seems to be a movement among the ranks for traditional publishers in European countries to develop services and offerings that will appeal to self-publishers. Sound off in the comments. Let us know if you would be willing to give up a percentage of your royalties in exchange for assistance from a traditional publisher. If so, what areas or services would tempt you?

Readership Grows in Developing World

Readership continues to increase in the developing world. Please note that there is still no word on when Australian citizens will be able to purchase the Kindle Paperwhite.

Amazon launches new Kindle Fires

On Wednesday of this week, Amazon launched a new line of Kindle Fires: the Kindle Fire HDX. They also refreshed the Kindle Fire HD.

The HDX line offers a more robust chipset and features tailored for those individuals who want more than a bare-bones tablet.

The Kindle Fire HD is now the entry level Fire. It’s price has been lowered to 139.00. That is almost as cheap as the Kindle Paperwhite which, at the time of this report, was still not available in Australia.

Amazon fails to kill Indie Bookstores

There is a popular rumor that Amazon has shown a tendency to lure unsuspecting book stores into dark alleys where they bludgeon them in the back of the head. That’s right, Amazon is killing the Indie Bookstores; or, are they? This article looks at the data and even postulates who the real serial killer might be.

Dean Wesley Smith launches a magazine

Is there anything he can’t do? Maybe you too would like to start a magazine. Here are a couple of online services that you might consider using for that purpose.