Welcome to another fun and fact filled episode of the Self-Publishing Roundtable. The weekly book publishing news show. For indie authors, by indie authors.

We are starting off with a guest this week. The super awesome, Brenna Aubrey.

You may remember we talked about Brenna and her story, last week.

She was offered a big traditional publishing deal and turned it down to take her books independent.

Brenna has been featured by the likes of Chuck Wendig and Hugh Howey on their blogs, due to her interesting story and success.

While we were talking about her last week, Brenna showed up in the comments, after getting a ping back from our associated blog post.

After the show we asked if she would like to come on to Hangout after-party to talk to people and answer any questions anyone might have had. She accepted.

We had so much fun chatting with her that we asked her to come back this week live on the show, and she has agreed. We’ll be interviewing Brenna to start and she has agreed to stick around to guest host and give you her opinion on the weekly news stories.

Speaking of which… here’s the stories for the week…

| When Konrath met Steve | shared by Trish |

No, this is not the long awaited sequel to when Harry Met Sally. This story relates to the question and answer session this week between Joe Konrath and Kensington CEO, Steven Zacharius. 

Steve has been everywhere recently, showing up in comments on Passive Voice, Laura Kaye’s blog and now here. The post itself is interesting but the comments have been where the action is. Brenna (our guest co-host) has been following closely, so will have a lot to share. Trish and I even found ourselves in a Twitter conversation with Steve this week.

| Revered Author Goes Indie | shared by Trish |

At the grand age of 75, Laurence Block has published the latest book in his Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery series, independently. This isn’t a backlist title. It’s a brand new release.

| Dwindling Print Sales? | shared by Trish |

We will chat about the fantastic post by Courtney Mlian. It’s not just because of surging ebook sales or fewer bookstores either. There is an interesting look at the traditional romance industry as a whole. Including return rates. She also posted her royalties which has some interesting data to look at it.

| Back of the Book Promo | shared by Trish |

Thread over on the Kindle Boards where a guy is setting up a promo where authors can pay to put a sample in the back of other author’s books. The idea is for the more successful authors to make a bit of extra cash AND help their fellow Indie authors. Lots of discussion on this one, which has proved to be very interesting.

| A BookBub rival? | shared by Trish |

This guy posted on Kboards about a new Bookbubs type promo he is planning on launching. According to him prices would be based on profit, like the ENT bargin books bin and the bill wouldn’t be due until your royalty payment comes in. This is what he said in the introduction to the thread. “Distribution channels will be via email list and syndication through my very popular Kindle Android apps.  Email list will hit 100,000 subscribers by end March, and app users will have passed 1,000,000 by then.  It is at this point that I aim to launch the service.”

| 28% of American’s e-read | shared by Trish |

The numbers are up several percent from last year.

| New Amazon Imprint | shared by Crissy

Amazon have launched yet another imprint to their ever growing catalogue. It’s called Waterfall and will feature Christian fiction.

| Real Men Wear Tights | shared by Carl |

The ongoing war against me continued this week. A few episodes ago I went on a rant about the trend of people no longer wearing pants. Just walking around casually in nothing but tights and tops. No pants… Melissa Donovan one of our valued viewers had been leading the charge. This week Mary Ihla got in the act, striking at me with this story about ‘meggings’ where men are donning tights. I have a response to all this coming, in the form of a video. Hopefully I can end this trend and war once and for all.

| It’s Showtime |

That’s all for this week given the interview with Brenna. We look forward to seeing you live in a few hours.