This week, we’ll be joined by JB Salsbury. She released her first book November 2013. This past Thursday, she released her third book. In the past year, she has sold over 100,000 titles.¬†At least, some of that success is a direct result of a community that a devoted fan started that was centered on JB’s Fighting Series.

The community was started by Toshia Yadao. Currently, there are over 600 members in the community. As research for this episode, I was allowed to join the private community. I have been really impressed with the members there. They are all avid readers who possess an almost religious zeal when it comes to their enthusiasm for JB’s books.

We’ll be talking about several things during this week’s show. We’ll speak about why these type of communities are so important, how to set the tone for the community and developing excitement among your readers.

Fighting to Forget