Michelle here.  We’ve got an excellent interview for you this week, but you’ll have to bear with us and get up an hour earlier than normal time!

The show will begin about an hour early this week due to our guest being in the military and me not wanting to cross him!  We’ll talk to him about being tenacious, and finding the time to write, no matter where you are or what time constraints you THINK you have.  He’s written his books, and make his own book covers, all on his phone.  From his phone!  And I whine about not having enough pillows under the laptop…..


Drew Avera is an active duty navy veteran and science fiction author. After growing up in rural Mississippi, Drew joined the US Navy at the ripe old age of seventeen. It required parental consent and only ten days after high school Drew was in boot camp. It wasn’t fun, but it was a necessary obstacle that taught him how to commit, and achieve something so challenging. After graduating in the summer of 2000 his career started as an aviation electrician working on F18s. Since then he has met his wife and had two awesome daughters, he’s seen the world, and he’s achieved one of the dreams he had as a kid; to be a published author.