Looking for another way to promote your book?


Want to grow your mailing list, increase Facebook page likes, gain new twitter or Amazon followers?


Then join the SPRT Multi-Author Cross Promo Giveaway and reap the benefits of cross promoting with other authors in your genre.


How it works:

  1. Authors submit their ebook that meets the below requirements
  2. Payment is made if their book is accepted
  3. We provide a landing page with all of the ebooks displayed (includes cover, price, author name and link to site)
  4. As well as that we also run a rafflecoptor on the site that readers enter in order to win Amazon Gift Cards. In order for the readers to enter they have do some of following things: sign up to author mailing lists, follow an author on twitter, like an author’s Facebook page, share the promo.
  5. On the day of the promo giveaway the authors MUST make sure their book is at the price they specified and send a newsletter to their mailing list to inform them of the awesome promo giveaway. We’ll give you two links: one for US (and rest of world) and another for the UK. You can also share it on social media. We’ll even give you pretty images!
  6. Readers will start downloading free and discounted books in the genres / sub genres they love and joining mailing lists, following authors on twitter and/or liking Facebook pages.


Please note that readers are picky even with free and discounted books so number of downloads of your ebook as well as sign ups for your mailing list, following on twitter or liking your Facebook page, will vary.



  1. The ebook MUST be either Science Fiction or Fantasy. Sub genres are welcome as well as cross genres–provided one genre is either Science Fiction or Fantasy (see submission form for more information).
  2. The ebook you submit MUST be available for $2.99 or lower (perma-free, temp-free or discount are all welcome) between 27 – 29 April.
  3. The ebook MUST have a professional-looking cover, be properly edited and at least 30,000 words – if it does not meet these requirements, we reserve the right to decline your ebook.
  4. You MUST be willing to share the promo giveaway with your newsletter subscribers and via social media on the days of the promo giveaway. Amazon Gift Cards specifically one for the US and one for the UK (see added bonus below for more information).
  5. If your ebook is selected then you MUST be willing to pay US$10 that will go towards the reader giveaway & advertising of the promo giveaway.
  6. The deadline for all submissions is 23 April 2016.


How will you, the author, benefit?

Discoverability and an extended audience.

Not only are you rewarding your existing fans with access to great content in a genre they already love and with a chance to win the giveaway but you’ll also gain new readers. Ones that will be encouraged to:

  • Sign up to your mailing list,
  • Like your Facebook page
  • Follow you on twitter


Added bonus:

We’ll be running two promo giveaways side-by-side!

One will be an American (rest of world) promo with the giveaway prize being an (American) Amazon Gift Cards. The other promo will be UK specific, with the prize being a (UK) Amazon Gift Cards!

All books will be automatically included in both promos as long as you provide both links.


Why are we doing this?

Well we thought it’d be neat to not only boost our UK sales/downloads on Amazon but to encourage more UK residents sign up for our mailing lists / like FB pages / tweet about us.


Will there be pretty images?

Yes, there will! X is going to make some pretty genre (one sci fi and one fantasy) banners. They’ll be made available in multiple sizes so you can use them on FB, twitter, your site and mailing lists.


Anything else we should know?

If you have chosen the mailing list sign up option we recommend you set up a separate list for this promo. That way you can feel them out, so to speak, after the promo to see if they will convert to being a true fan or not and either delete them or move them to your main list. Separate the fans from those only interested in freebies.
Please note that if this promo giveaway proves to be a success we will run them monthly with a different genre each month. So if you have say a Sci Fi Romance or Paranormal Romance please think carefully about submitting it for April as it may fit better in the Romance month. The decision of course is up to you. So long as it is at least half Science Fiction or half Fantasy we’ll consider it.


If you have any questions regarding the promo giveaway or are having trouble with the submission form then please contact us via our contact form.


We will not ask for payment until we have approved your entry.


Payments to be made via Paypal.


If you are interested in participating and your title meets the above requirements, then please…


Click here to go to the submission form