There’s a new epic post apocalyptic box set that has just launched on Amazon. It’s titled “This Is The End 3”

It was put together by former SPRT guest, J Thorn and includes stories by former co-host David Wright, and current and future guests Scott Nicholson and Colin Barnes & Sean Platt.

From the blurb:

This is the End includes:

~Arisen, Book One – Fortress Britain by Glynn James and Michael Stephen Fuchs (4.3 stars on 300 reviews)

~Dead Highways: Origins (Book 1) by Richard Brown (4 stars on 100 reviews)

~Chris Wakes Up by David W. Wright and Sean Platt (special edition – not available on Amazon)this is the end

~Artificial Evil (The Techxorcist Book 1) by Colin F. Barnes (3.7 stars on 153 reviews)

~After: The Shock (AFTER post-apocalyptic series, Book 1) by Scott Nicholson (3.7 stars on 156 reviews)

~Man’s Ruin – A Dark Fantasy Novella (The Seventh Seal Sequel #1) by J. Thorn (3.8 stars on 17 reviews)

~Rising Fears by Michaelbrent Collings (4.1 stars on 31 reviews)

~Voodoo Plague by Dirk Patton (4.6 stars on 103 reviews)

Any fan of “28 Days”, “I Am Legend”, or “The Walking Dead” will love This is the End 3!


The set is just 99c and a pretty good steal if you look at what’s included. I thought I’d share it here with the SPRT community as I know you are all big readers, but also a sharing bunch.

Not personally interested? Maybe you could tell your readers and friends about the box?

Let’s help out our colleagues and the SPRT community as a whole.