The round up is a wee bit late this week. But better late than never, right? And it’s packed tight with even more news and helpful tidbits than usual!


This is epic!

Amazon has finally made their instant book preview (and buy button) able to be embedded on your site. Go check it out and use it everywhere now! You can also attach your affiliate code to it. Uses iframes. –


Beware the Catfisher

Author pretends to be from Penguin when contacting bloggers asking if they’d like to review some of the Penguin books. Then includes her own book in amongst actual Penguin books. It’s kinda cunning really… –


Oh Penguin, you had us fooled there…

Awhile ago Penguin Random House got itself in bed with Author Solutions. Now they’re saying they’ve broken up (amicably) but are they really vanity press free? David Gaughran knows all! –



Wizards of the Coast want you to self-publish your stuff and you can ask for gold

Authors Guild finally picks the right fight

RIP David Bowie. What we can all learn from his legacy

Harlequin is trying out a multi-author ebook serial and all ebooks will be released on the same day


Tech News

Amazon Fire Tablet Now Available for £39 in the UK 

Amazon Echo will read ebooks aloud to you

Audible is giving hidden audiobook perks, here’s not to get them

Here’s how to change Amazon’s book recommendations to you

Amazon Prime members are being offered 3-month trial of Audible



Best-selling author Diana Gabaldon shares her tips on writing effective yet tasteful (relative term *leer* ) sex scenes. Intrigued? Click on the link. She uses excerpts from her Outlander books as examples.



Passion Planner

Pagico – think of it as a project management app that looks cool (deal available until 17 January at )

BKnights on Fiverr – popular inexpensive ebook advertising (recommend only marketing free ebooks for best results)


And if you haven’t seen it yet, last week’s podcast here it is:

SPRT #125 – What should your author website include?