Changes are happening daily around the globe and in Indie Publishing, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see change happening here with the Self-Publishing Roundtable. The first change of note is that we are adding a second weekly podcast into the line up. We’ve decided to go back to our roots and have brought back the Roundtable aspect. Each Sunday (American time) we’ll invite a guest or two to join us and discuss the latest news and views from the self-publishing and indie industry and this will officially published on Monday (American time).

Onwards, to our first podcast…

Author Robert Chute Chazz joined Erica and Xavier to discuss the latest happenings, in particular:

We start with a topic brought up by Robert. He shares why he believes book writers should be thinking about adapting their work to screenplays and how. Scriptwriting apps aren’t exactly new but Amazon did release their own late last year with Storywriter that is touted as an auto-formatter and you can also use it to submit to Amazon itself. There is also Celtx which is another free app and easy to use. The industry standard, however, is Final draft which costs money. Some interesting food for thought!

Author’s stealing from other authors AKA Don’t steal from David Gaughran

Non fiction and fiction author David Gaughran has discovered his copyright has been breached in a rather interesting way. Website Indie Writer Support has sent out emails containing 2,411 words of Gaughran’s book Let’s Get Visible and appears to imply that he is endorising a product called KDSPY (Kindle Spy). As it turns out they are not an affiliate of Kindle Spy and Kindle Spy is also after them for their own reasons.
A reader of David’s did some digging and found the person behind it has several aliasis and has two (now three) warrants out for his arrest.
When David contronted them via twitter (as you do) the stupidity continued. They claimed to have no idea who he was and that they found the excerpt on Google and it was therefore free use. They also said he should be grateful for the free exposure. It will be interesting to see where this ends up!
See the full story: The One Where An Author Steals Text From My Book To Sell Pirated Software

December’s KENPC

For those in Kindle Select or considering it, here is an update on the KENPC since KU 2.0 was introduced in July:

  • July – 0.00580
  • August – 0.00514
  • September – 0.00507
  • October – 0.004809
  • November – 0.004919
  • December – 0.004613

See the full story: Kindle Unlimited Funding Rises in December 2015 as the Royalty Dips Yet Again

New Tech: Kindle-style braille ereader for the blind

While refreshable braille ereaders are already available they are very limited, ie: only displaying one in at a time. It is based on a pneumatic system where pins push against the surface of the ereader for the blind or sight-impaired person to read by touch.
See the full story: ‘Braille Kindle’ developed for the blind: Tactile tablet will allow people to feel images and text on the screen
Read more: ‘Braille-Kindle’ developed for the blind

Finally, we end with…

Robert shares what makes Amazon great, specifically comparing Amazon with going direct to a retailer to buy similar components when building a PC for his son over Christmas. Awww…all the feels 🙂


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