Welcome to the Roundtable Roundup, our second weekly podcast where we go back to our roots and brought back the Roundtable aspect. Each Sunday (American time) we’ll invite a guest or two to join us live to discuss the latest news and views from the self-publishing and indie industry.

Onwards, to our second podcast…

Chrishaun Keller and Robert Chute Chazz joined Erica to discuss the below topics:

Kindle ebooks with bad formatting and/or spelling mistakes to include warning label for readers

Earlier in the week the Goodereader site dropped news that made a quite a few authors put Chicken Little to shame. Goodereader reported that from 3 February 2016 Amazon would be putting a warning label on the book page of any ebook that contained content errors. One that would be removed once the author had uploaded changes. We won’t share the link because the article isn’t very helpful and the author is known to be against self-publishing. Instead, read this article from John Doppler who has written a more rational article on the topic. His information comes from the recently update help page (linked in his article) and from two discussions with KDP reps. Much more helpful 🙂
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Amazon to close Shelfari and merge it with Goodreads

Shelfari users have been given two months to transfer nine years worth of data to Goodreads. Some users are quite miffed at the short timeframe. Chrishaun and Robert had a lot to say about this topic. I’m sure as authors we all have an opinion on Goodreads and no doubt stories to tell, but what about Shelfari? Was this a better user experience all round?
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SFWA to back self-publishing Kickstarter campaigns

SFWA have set up a small $1,000 fund to use to back suitable self-publishing projects on Kickstarter. If the pledge is a physical product like a signed book then they’ll auction it and the money made from it will go back into the pool. It sounds cool but how helpful it will be and what is their reasoning?
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A sexy ebook enhancement…

E.Sensory is taking preorders for a very interesting ebook peripheral, a vibrator that connects to your phone and sinks with the erotic ebooks that can be downloaded from their special app. Robert likened it to Booktrack, however, instead of a soundtrack while your reading the Little Bird (as the vibrator as called) pleasures you when you get to all the sexy bits in the book. Love the idea or loathe it, it’s another example that publishers are looking to add to more the reading experience.
E.Sensory also plans to open a publishing platform and allow authors to enhance their own books.
Chrishaun mentions this book during the discussion: Claimed By Conifers
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And finally…

Happy Birthday to long time co-host of the Self-Publishing Roundtable, Wade Finnegan!


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