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Author Michael Anderle joined Chrishuan Keller to discuss the below topics:

Gaming the ebook?!

San Francisco–based Tapas, a mobile app uses the “freemium” business model—offering some content to consumers for free as an incentive to pay to get additional chapters with the the potential to buy the entire book. Essentially, it’s Candy Crush for books.

According to their site, Tapas Media was founded in 2012 by Chang Kim. They’re also the creators of Tapastic, a webcomics site providing access to more than 16,000 creators and 270,000 individual comics.Tapastic counts one million active readers, primarily in North America, 90% of whom are under the age of 34.
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Follow up on one the Amazon plagiarism story from last week

Plagiarist “Joanne Clancy” freely admitted to lifting and republishing two books on the online bookstore Amazon under new titles. Amazon has a policy for paying the original authors in cases of copyright infringement. Even when all this on her side, proving it enough to satisfy Amazon has proven to be a trial for Eilis O’Hanlon. And if that wasn’t enough, many authors have criticized Eilis for not doing more.
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New KOBO Author Services

KOBO announced in August that they will be offering offering a list of recommended professional services – cover design, editorial help, print on demand to their authors. Though an author can receive information about them now, many of the services have yet to be released.
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We reached out to Mark Lefebvre and he was gracious enough to give us a sneak peek, including full access to their new audiobook partner, ListenUp Audiobooks.

The Atlanta-based award-winning audiobook publisher has worked with some of the largest publishers in the industry, including Hachette, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Even better, ListenUp works with studios, agents, and talent in New York, Los Angeles, and more. This allows them access to a wide range of voice actors for the most customized audiobook experience.


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