Welcome to the Roundtable Roundup, our weekly podcast where we go back to our roots and have brought back the Roundtable aspect. Each Sunday (American time) we’ll invite a guest or two to join us live to discuss the latest news and views from the self-publishing and indie industry.

Romance author Trish McCallan joined Erica and Robert Chute Chazz to discuss the below topics:

Revisiting Kindle Reselling Ebooks

A few weeks ago on Kindle people noticed resell buttons on the search results for ebooks. They’ve since been removed. This did, however, have a lot of authors worried especially when reports were made that in 2013 Kindle had applied for a patent to resell ebooks. We also discussed this in: Weekly Roundup of Indie Publishing News and Stuff – February 28th 2016.

Amazon’s patent:
Apple’s patent:

Audible hopes to go viral

Audible Clips allows users to share snippets of audio on their social media in the hopes of making the book go viral.
See full story here:

B&N makes an attempt…

We talked about B&N pulling the nook out of the UK a couple of weeks ago and also noted that in their financial statement for the previous quarter they were going to modernise their website. Well, they’ve done something to the website…
See the new site:

CNET is publishing short fiction

CNET a website that provides technology news and reviews is publishing short fiction, under the title: Technically Literate. The stories are original and illustrated work that includes a technological perspective. They will be exclusive to and will appearing there monthly. Readers can have the stories sent to their Kindles, IOS or Android devices.
See full story here:

Dollar Photo to close

Dollar Photo, a stock photo site, is terminating its service on 15 April 2016. Users are able to transfer their unused downloads to Adobe Stock and use it for a year at no cost.

Dear Dollar Photo Club Member,
After a fantastic couple of years, we are writing to let you know that Dollar Photo Club will terminate its service on April 15th, 2016.
But there’s good news!
You are able to transfer your unused downloads to Adobe Stock, valid for a year, absolutely free.
Login to Dollar Photo Club to discover how.


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