I mentioned today on episode 58 of the Self Publishing Roundtable that we have author Rachel Aaron, coming on the show in mid September.

I also mentioned her book, 2k to 10k: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love.

I first read this book in March 2013 and it immediately helped me put into perspective my daily writing habits. I took a long hard look at how I was going about dealing with getting my fiction words down on the page, and as a result, I saw a massive increase of my output.

I know that quite a few of our viewers have already read this fantastic little book, but, I thought given Rachel was coming on I would pass on the details for anyone who wants to give it a whirl before she joins us on the show.

It’s currently just 99c on Amazon and Free in the Kindle Unlimited Program.

She’ll also be talking about her move into self-publishing fiction after a successful run with her fantasy series, Eli Monpress within the traditional publishing model. Rachel blew me away with the first line of Eli Monpress and hooked me immediately. It’s not often someone excels at both fiction and non fiction, but she certainly does is my mind.

Go grab 2k to 10k now and help with your own word input today!

You can learn more about Rachel on her website: rachelaaron.net