Weekly Roundup of Indie Publishing News and Stuff – February 28th 2016


Xavier played host today and was joined by Chrishaun Keller and special guest Stephen Campbell. Topics covered include:

– John Grisham is offering a permafree book that he says will save lives
– Amazon’s ‘supposed’ secret project
– Amazon is again banning heaps of reviewers and deleting all of their reviews – innocent reviewers also caught up in the sweeping bans

SPRT #131 – Deciding to Succeed w/ USA Bestselling Author C. Gockel


This week we were lucky to be joined by speculative fiction author Carolynn Gockel, author of the I Bring The Fire series and The Archangel Project series. When Carolynn decided (that’s right, decided!) to hit the Best Seller’s List, she left nothing to chance, doing the research and applying the techniques needed to reach her goal. We discussed what all went into her plan of cracking the elusive Best Seller List, and all the nitty gritty that went with it.