Hey folks! This week on the Self Publishing Roundtable we’re doing something extra special for all those live listeners who aren’t too busy gobbling down turkey, mashed taters and all the other fixings that go into yer’ USA Thanksgiving 4-Day Weekend Extravaganza.

As an extra special experiment, those here on the Roundtable who currently aren’t munching down on the aforementioned taters and turkeys, a.ka. Erica Conroy and Xavier Granville, are–along with your help–going to be brainstorming the characters and plot for a short fiction.

Using currently hot-ranking Amazon genres and categories, we’re going to take the characters and plots that you and us come up with, and from there, write stories that will we later on publish and post updates on in the SPRT blog. We might also post video on book cover design as well–but only if you’re very good! (a.k.a. beg either Xavier or Erica about it…well, you don’t have to beg; ask nicely?)

So come help us create two unique stories for two very different genres using the same plot and characters as our starting point.


If you’ve decided to join in and write with us, here are the details:


Genre: Romance and/or Mystery

Wordcount: Aim for 10,000 words

Deadline: 31 January 2016

Settings / inclusions:

  • Flooded basement
  • Insurance salesman

FMC – Female Main Character (include two of the following):

  • Former bike bouncer
  • Bike mechanic
  • Prone to acting before thinking
  • Addictive personality
  • Afraid of death

MMC – Male Main Character:

  • Anything goes!


Listen in at the usual time of 7pm PST/10pm EST, and don’t forget about the SPECIAL PRE-RECORDED SHOW w/ NY TIMES & USA TODAY BEST-SELLING AUTHOR MINA CARTER, which will air an hour earlier and can be found here: