Hey folks, it’s that time of week again, time to tune in to the Self Publishing Podcast at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Thursday February 12th as our panel of authors welcome fantasy author Krista Walsh to join in on the conversation.

Krista is the author of the fantasy series, The Meratis Trilogy, as well as several collaborative short story or novella box sets with authors like Devin O’Branagan, Suzanne Hayes Campbell and friend of the podcast Colin Barnes.

Having recently launched the third book in her Meratis Trilogy, Evenlight, we thought it’d be great timing not only to get her to chime in on her experience as an indie fantasy author completing her first trilogy, but also on the launch experience as she did a great combination of real world and digital marketing I’m sure all of you will love to hear about!

Check out her website here:

And her books here:

Cover for Evensong - Meratis Trilogy - Book 1Cover for Eventide - Meratis Trilogy - Book 2Cover for Evenlight - Meratis Trilogy - Book 3

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