Since no one wanted to be on the show this week we thought we’d go crazy drunk on air! But none of us wanted to do that so we got together and decided we’d discuss the state of SPRT, the recent changes and additions we’ve made, as well as the multi-author cross promo giveaway. Then we might torture you further by talking about our individual writing and publishing. Maybe you’ll get to find out what happened to FLOOD–or not ūüėõ

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About us:

The SPRT gang

 Topics discussed:

  • What does the typical day of a SPRTer look like?
  • Talked about the SPRT multi-author cross promo giveaway
  • We talked about food, doughnuts and crazy food combinations
  • Robert asked us all to share a tip for new and used self-published authors
  • What would our dream typical day of a SPRTer look like?


Links and mentions:

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