Self Publishing RoundTable Round Up!

November 9th 2015

Amazon has opened a physical bookstore!

Holy crap does it look good. Book covers showing instead of spine out. Helpful information provided on the shelves and price-matching with the online store. I don’t read print books any more but even I’d go and check that out!

Not everyone likes it though.  What a surprise 😛

Using Lego to bring ideas to life

BrickCon 2015 (a Lego builders convention) happened recently and David Frank who won the Best Lego Castle reveals that his inspiration is based on his wife’s books.  What a super supportive husband (and wife)!

Writing POV

Something interesting, but not very recent.  Erotica written by an alien pretending not to be horrified by the human body.  What does this have to do with writing?  Well, it’s a good reminder that point of view matters in fiction.

Part one:

Part two:


Grumpy Cat is getting three little golden books.

Inside the Amazon warehouse machine.  Videos from 1997, 2010 and 2015.

EU Commission is considering putting the act of linking to content under copyright protection.


Publishing a sequel?  Bookbub has some marketing advice you need to know.  From utilising your mailing list to using your first book to promote the new release.


Cover vault: 3D book mock up templates that you can manipulate yourself in photoshop.  Especially good for those making FB ads and other banners!

Adult Flag: monitors your books on Amazon for you and alerts you if any have been put in the adult dungeon.  I think it’s currently in beta—don’t quote me on that.

How to use Scrivener for NaNoWriMo: free video in exchange for your email.