Not much to report at this time of the year but we’ve found a few things to tickle your fancy 🙂



Last year Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware criticised Almond Press for running a short story competition that could be seen as a way for the publisher to gather free material for an anthology and then profit from it. Almond Press’s response? Revenge-ratings. One starring each of her books on Good Reads.


B&N have applied for a liquor license o.O

Used bookstores are making a comeback. Smell that musty book smell

Kobo reveals what ebooks Australians have been reading. Find out here

So…there’s a Kanye West-themed colouring book that you can back on Kickstarter! O.o



How to write a guest post and why…

Rachel Thompson at BadRedHead Media outlines what you get out of writing a guest post for someone else’s blog (like ours!) (hint: free visibility!) and what you need to know so you can write something effective. From writing great headlines to structuring your post and using visuals. Read more…



Fingers not fast enough? Practice typing faster

Online writing app – write without distractions

Joss Whedon’s top 10 writing tips (from 2013)


Because we didn’t record an episode last week and there’s never enough David Wright in the world, I’ve decided to pull this beauty out from the archives. Enjoy 🙂