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This is the first of two shows this week. Our regular show will run Thursday Night at 9PM EST featuring Darren Wearmouth.

We are delighted to welcome Hugh Howey to the show this week as well.

I don’t think that I need to introduce Hugh to you. Just in case you have been living under a rock, he wrote Wool. Things went well after that.

Hugh launched a new site this week,

With that move, he has ripped the wool off the publishing industry by teaming up with a computer programmer to data mine Amazon.

We understand the website has already had so much traffic, the site has been crashing off and on all day.

Joe Konrath and Chuck Wendig have already blogged about the site. As has Hugh. I strongly recommend you read all three posts before the show.

We think it’s amazing news, so we reached out to see if Hugh wanted to come on and talk to about it.

We welcome your questions in our live chat on this site. We try and interact with our viewers during our live shows, so please join in the conversation and put your questions to Hugh.

We look forward to seeing you Wednesday night.

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