Welcome to another episode of the Self-Publishing Roundtable. The weekly self publishing news and interview show, for indie authors, by indie authors.

This is our second show this week. We spoke to Hugh Howey yesterday about which was fun.

Today we have an equally awesome guest in Darren Wearmouth.

If you don’t know of Darren, I’ll give you a brief run down of why you should be paying attention.

He launched his first indie title First Activation late last year. He had no platform. No name value, or sales history. Yet he sold nearly a thousand books in his first week. Since that time, he has sold over 50,000 copies, signed a book deal with 47North, and now has an agent.

The interesting part of his story is that this wasn’t an overnight luck story, it was by design. Darren spent nearly a year learning the industry and building a launch strategy. It worked for him and several others, who have used it as a blueprint since.

Darren talked to us about what has changed since his launch, what he has planned for the future, and so much more.