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Welcome to another edition of the Self-Publishing Roundtable! The weekly interview show that brings you the biggest names in indie publishing, to help you sell more books.

This week we have Kevin Michael.

I first met Kevin several months ago, when he showed up in our comments. He started to come to various hangouts that I ran, and we got to talking. I shared a lot of the same ideas & thoughts on self-publishing as Kevin, and we soon became friends.

I was most impressed by his knowledge & use of keywords and categories to ensure his books (and other peoples books) had the best visibility they could. He understand keeping this updating and fresh gave him access to new lists and readers, always keeping his titles in the forefront.

He has posted in the post on Kboards with some of his findings. Most recently, doing a series of blog posts here for us. | Why Isn’t Your Book Selling? | Top 5 Things You Can Do To Sell More Books | Top Categories To Chart In On 7 Sales A Day Or Less |

They have proven popular and we hope to continue with that on the blog. As well as some other exciting content coming there soon.

You can see more of Kevin on his Twitter or Facebook pages – Remarkable Reads.

Kevin will talk to us about the importance of categories and keywords. He is also going to run a workshop on seven authors titles. A few days ago we asked on G+ for people to provide links to their books to take part. He will run through his findings and suggestions.

We think it will be an interesting and interactive show. We hope to see you there.

As always we would appreciate your reviews on iTunes & subscriptions on YouTube.

Thanks for watching!



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