The Last Author Standing Challenge was more popular than expected, so we’re capping the entries at twenty. We still have four slots open, but we’re saving them for Roundtable Podcast viewers. If you are interested in one of the four final spots make sure to watch The Self Publishing Roundtable Podcast this Thursday, Sept 5th.
You can find the podcast on this website, at 7 pm, PST. In the comments section on Thursday, let us know that you’d like to enter the the challenge. The first four people who post will be allowed into the contest. Contest rules are below.

A group of us, including several hosts from The Self-Publishing Roundtable, are kicking off a writing challenge on Friday, Sept 6th.

This contest is intended to encourage a daily writing habit.

The rules follow.

1/ Everyone will set their own personal word count goal—with 250 words a day the minimum amount that can be set. Professional/full time writers are welcome to join in, but must set a goal of at least 2000 words a day. You can choose a larger word count goal, but remember the goal chosen needs to be achievable even if life gets in the way.

2/ To remain in the contest you must achieve your personal goal every day. One missed day and you are booted out.

3/ After a week of achieving your personal word count goal- you must increase your goal by at least 50 words for the following week.  So to remain in the contest your minimum goal will increase by 50 words every week.

4/ Participants will need to be/or become members of Google+ so you can update your word count.

5/ The last person remaining in the contest will receive a $25 dollar gift certificate to the online bookstore of their choice.

If you’re interested in joining the fun, please comment below and let me know what your word count goal will be so I can add you to the spreadsheet.  From there you’ll be directed to the Google+ Community we have launched and the Google document we’ll be updating our daily word counts to.

The contest entry closes on Sept, 5th 2013

Questions?  Leave a comment!