SPRT #166 – You have been scammed!


Did that headline catch your attention? Good, that was the plan. No, you haven’t been scammed but a lot of authors have. This episode we talked about a devious way for how an author, such as yourself, can be scammed. You’re probably familiar with some of the more common ways, like: vanity presses wanting all of your money, people pretending to be editors / proofreaders / cover artists and taking all of your money–and perhaps your precious writing!

SPRT #165 – How to write good crime fiction with Rosanne Dingli


Crime fiction is not merely about crimes and their detection, or criminals and their motives. This genre is about readers’ fascination with human wrong-doing, what causes it, and how it is solved. Readers are beguiled by criminal intent and the aims to subvert it. They want to read about compelling characters (both perpetrators and the crime-fighters), find out why they do it, how they think and also about their private lives. We wanted to find out how the genre works and how to write it effectively so, we invited crime fiction author Rosanne Dingli to answer our questions

SPRT #164 – Launching a series with Lindsay Buroker


In October 2014 Lindsay Buroker dipped her toe into science fiction romance under the pen name Ruby Lionsdrake before returning to her name to publish an eight novel science fiction series. So far she has an impressive 10 series under her belt but what is even more interesting is that each time she launches something new her audience expands in leaps and bounds. So, of course we wanted her (back) on the show to pick her brain about her latest series, Fallen Empire.

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