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Welcome to another episode of the Self-Publishing Roundtable, the weekly interview show for self-publishing authors. This week we interview Courtney Milan.

For those of you unaware, Courtney is a NYT and USA Today Bestseller of Historical romances. Although she is technically a hybrid author, she’s been exclusively self-publishing since late 2011. You can find more about her here.

I’ve been a big fan of Courtney’s intelligent and straight talking blog posts regarding the traditional and Indie industries since I first started researching self-publishing back in 2011. Courtney always approaches a discussion-be it on her own blog, or a comment on someone else’s emotionally charged blog- with cool rationality and intelligence. She brings knowledge and class to every discussion she enters in, so I’ve been dying to bring her onto the show. We’ve been waiting for the perfect subject matter to present itself to invite her on, and then BOOM-there it was: Foreign translations.

There is tremendous interest among Indie authors on how to go about translating their books for foreign markets. Germany, for example, is a hot market right now for many genres. However translation fees can be outrageously high and the services often sub-par, so how does one go about translating their books without losing their bank account to an unscrupulous translator?

Courtney, as it happens, just translated several of her books into German, French, Italian, and Spanish, and she’ll be talking about her experience with these foreign translations.

We expect this show will be of great interest to Indie authors, so we’ll have a couple of show hosts cruising the comments. If you have a question for Courtney, post it in the comments and one of the hosts will send it on to the show hangout where we’ll ask it on air.

We will also be joined by two special co-hosts and previous guests of the show. Romance authors, Brenna Aubrey and Cristin Harber. We are excited to have both of these lovely ladies back with us on the show.

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