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Launching a New Series the Right Way

Chris Fox says: My first series launched into the Amazon top #4,000 where it stayed for about five months. In the year since then I’ve published two more novels and a novella, and the series has sold around 25,000 books.
I did well, but I also made a LOT of mistakes. I advertised on sites that didn’t give me a return, I mistimed promos, lost out on Kindle Countdown Deals, screwed up keywords, and made just about every other mistake you can make.

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SPRT Weekly Round Up – 22 December 2015

Amazon Still Cracking Down

Amazon’s review policy has been causing some headaches of late. Not allowing reviews to be posted that have been made in exchange for money or other ‘gifts’ or reviews that have been made by people who have a connection to the author (you’re Facebook friends for example).

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Your Permission to Write

I was asked by the folks at SPRT to write some articles on getting your head in gear build an author career. I’m opening this blog series with an introduction and an invitation.

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The Twelve Days ‘Til Kindlemas

Self-published authors get used to surges and dips in sales, often due to whatever’s happening on the calendar. Summertime* sales slumps are normal, planning promos for holidays when no one’s going to be reading books is problematic, and Autumn* means kids are back in school and parents get more time with their ereaders. By far, my favorite author season is Kindlemas.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I thought it might be helpful to share my biggest tip to boost those pre-Christmas sales, raise your visibility, and be placed in prime position for the Kindlemas* rush…

Write a Seasonal Short Story! It really is that simple. Right now readers are downloading Christmas books in the millions, I kid you not. If you want a monster boost then write a Christmas short, write it now – get it up NOW! (and make it free if you can)

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No show this week

Sometimes life rears up and reminds you what is important, and makes you realize where a podcast ranks. It’s with that realization that we are taking this week off from the Self-Publishing Roundtable. Thanks for your understanding and your continued support.   We will...

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Have to start somewhere?

Episode 100 is this week and I'm so happy we have continued on. I want to thank everyone for sticking with us and I want to thank Michelle and Xavier for coming on board. I love being a part of this show and sharing screen time with such terrific, caring, and genuine...

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Writing Journey with Colin Barnes A while back Michelle had approached both Colin Barnes and Darren Wearmouth to speak about their writing processes and how their craft had changed over their careers as self published authors. This is the second half of the...

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Writing Journey with Darren Wearmouth

This awesome episode hosted by Michelle somehow was left off the feed. I blame Carl, because I can. Darren and Carl coauthored a terrific scifi/fantasy book together, so it fits for this week. "See" all of you Thursday.

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